You know when you wake up in the middle of the night with an idea you simply know will either make you millions of dollars, change the world or both? And then you write it down and Google it in the morning and there are several or many others who have had the idea before you? Remember how crestfallen you are at that moment?  Well, as I’m sure you’re aware, there is no truly original art or idea and once you get used to that fact, you can stop being devastated and move on. Like when I had this idea to put my breasts out on display for people to weigh with their hands. To create a shelf, a frame in which to house or display them. I thought it was interesting and that it could be very powerful. And then I Googled it. Turns out that VALIE EXPORT had done something similar in the late 60′s.

Calling it “The first genuine women’s film”, VALIE created her TAPP und TASTKINO (Touch and Feel Cinema) in 1968 where she stood on the streets of Berlin and and invited random men (and women) to place their hands inside a curtained box – which she had made and placed over her chest – and to feel the contents inside: her bare breasts.

This ‘brilliant’ idea came to me in January 2013 and within a month, I was in Vermont at my MFA residency at Goddard College where I performed what I then called ‘a breast installation’ at the college’s Art Crawl.

In conjunction with all the work I have been doing with body image, aging, sex and breasts, the piece focuses on a specific body part – my breasts – and asks people to consider the weight (physical, emotional and otherwise) I (and many other women) carry on a daily basis.

I had not intended to be a performance artist yet here I am. I also do not consider myself an exhibitionist, yet here I was, baring my breasts and inviting people to touch and hold them.