With The Weight of Breasts, Kristen Vermilyea has perpetrated a work that sits at the crossroads between performance, body art, installation, and scientific/social research. It is elegantly simple in form, provocative in concept. It gives permission to look and to touch, and challenges viewers/touch-ers to make sense of what they experience in doing so.

– John Borstel, interdisciplinary artist, Baltimore, Maryland


Kristen Vermilyea’s piece, The Weight of Breasts,  is the perfect balance of provocative and educational.  It’s a remarkable work that invites people to engage with a taboo subject –  the breast.  The breast is a powerful object – truly a symbol of so much of our society – our relationship to women, sexuality, origin etc., that we are unable to approach with any innocence or curiosity.  We cannot treat it for what it is : flesh and substance. Kristen, by isolating the breast, allows us to encounter it anew – free of all the baggage. This work playfully and intelligently speaks to everyone.

At the NXNE festival in Toronto, I witnessed hipsters and art critics, parents and rockers consider and think – they learned and thought differently when they left.  It is a gentle and profound work and deserves a wider audience.

– Christine Brubaker, Theatre Artist, Toronto, Canada


I asked Kristen to be a part of NXNE’s inaugural art festival primarily because of the provocative nature of the piece. I knew that it would resonate with our audience and it did. It is a brave and thought-provoking piece of art that needs to be seen.

– Kate Hollett,NXNE Art Festival Director, Toronto, Canada & Berlin, Germany


When I mention Kristen Vermilyea’s performance art piece The Weight of Breasts to my theater students, I share it as an example of how an artist can interrogate perceptions of the body with great vulnerability while also taking such close care of her attending audience. Many students express a desire to experience the piece first hand, curious about how Kristen creates an atmosphere of playful welcome while investigating deeply serious issues regarding the female body. I do hope she will bring this work to New York so we can continue this dialogue in person, through her performance art work and her vibrant presence.

– Catherine Mueller, interdisciplinary artist and teacher, Manhattan