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I created a questionnaire (or breastionnaire) which was given to the participants after they had viewed and then been invited to weigh the breasts.

I was interested in seeing how much they thought my breasts weighed by only looking, then by feeling and then to see how much they thought the prosthetics weighed when they went into the other room.

I also was interested in their emotions and feelings surrounding the experiment. What were some of the words that came to them after the experience?

Lastly, I also asked about their opinions about cosmetic surgery.

The first time I performed the piece, in Vermont, there were 25 people who filled out the surveys and the guesses on how much my breasts weighed just from looking varied from 7/8ths of a pound to 15 pounds, the guesses on how much the weighed upon touching/holding them ranged from 4 pounds to 20 pounds. It was amazing to see how much (or how little) people thought my breasts weighed.